Protect Yourself from a Groping False Charge with Playing a Game!

About Emsign

When you become entangled in a molester false charge cases in an electric train, it's the application developed for the purpose of the assistance of your own innocent proof.
And it is the game of the type which probably was not until now which made the motion for the proof itself the game again.
Even if you do not need the countermeasure against a molester false charge now, you can enjoy this game purely!
If this is categorized, should we also call a multi-touch shooting game.

The World of the Emsign

In the 31st century, The Humankind had extended the Space-domain to the universe far. It is natural in this period to ride in a large-sized spacecraft daily to work. The commuting spacecraft are called "Train" by people customarily.

But, they had not yet solved problems, such as a crime by molesting to which mankind is related to a packed spacecraft or it, and its false charge!

Aliens began to appear in a body unawares there. They had a surprising and crazy sense of values such as "Just the groping is the most valuable." They came from a planet called "Gropia".

The Gropians begin to engage in groping in a "train", and expansion of the damage is being enhanced gradually.

Your mission is becoming a member of NSRS which is a company which contracts defense of a train specially, and protecting people from the hand of the Gropian's evil spirit.

Drive a space patrol craft and obstruct Gropian's invasion.


Endo was the manager of NSRS. However, He has been made a groping criminal by the vicious plot of Gropians, And He was banished from NSRS.

Revenger Endo tries a counterattack with Anzai(it's halfway coercion) who was a subordinate to Gropians.

Since the tutorial is also contained in this mode, We recommend you to play this mode at first and to understand the structure of the game.

Stage composition is one tutorial stage + 15 stages.
If it is the stage cleared once, you can choose a stage at the time of a next play start, and can restart from the selected stage.



You become one of the members of NSRS. And defeat Gropians.

Stage composition is 29 stages.

If it is the stage cleared once, selection will become possible from a next play. In that case, the selected stage serves as a starting point. The area captured in the beginner mode is included in the target of stage selection also in the Emsign mode.

The ranking system which honors the player from the 1st rank to the 100th rank is in this mode. Aim at top of the universe!

In iPhone / iPad edition, You purchase the item "Emsign Unlocker" in app , then "Emsign mode" is going to be playable.


Playing Log Function

This function will be unnecessary if you are not afflicted by the packed train in the present.

It is possible to record the condition of the finger which touched during the game play, and to refer to the record afterwards. You can save some logs defined as one piece from a game start to a game over.
According to a default, You can save the playing-log to the 4 latest with the Android edition. And with the iPhone / iPad edition, You can save the playing-log to the 2 latest.
Besides, if you purchase a item in the app, this touch log is going to extend to 64.
It is the "Extend Log" item in Android Edition, the "Emsign Unlocker " item in iPhone / iPad Edition.

The playing log data is saved only in your device. It does not transmit to the Internet.
Although for example "Save to Cloud storage" updates may be added depending on a case in the future, We have not altogether the plan now.


How to Play - Tactical instruction for Attack on the Gropians -

Defeat Enemies Using U.I. Cannon!

The Gropians appears from middle of the screen and then they go toward your space patrol craft.

Three round trigger buttons of U.I. Cannons are located to each both right-and-left ends on a screen. By carrying out the tap of these buttons, the U.I. Cannons are discharged and you can intercept Gropians.

If Gropians reached which porthole, You will become GAME OVER.

That is, the basic rule of this game is beating back the Gropians without allowing they to come near how within the time limit to your space patrol craft.

In Emsign mode, If it becomes game over, a score will return to zero point and will be restart from first stage.

However, in beginner mode, You can retry automatically from the beginning of the last stage.

Moreover, even if you were brought a time limit, the game is continued, with a bonus point not adding.


Playing Style

Although a multi-touch checker is performed at the first time, when it detects to 5 points as a result, this app is automatically set as V-STYLE (Victory-STYLE.)
In the case of the terminal in which a six or more point touch is possible, a "VICTORY STYLE" changeover switch is displayed by the option screen.
It is possible to change and play Emsign STYLE which is a playing style in V-STYLE and the traditional 6 fingers.*
When set to V-STYLE, the logo of big "V" is displayed on a title screen.
The V-STYLE is the mode adjusted to only the play in 5 fingers.
Also the ranking system only for V-STYLE is prepared.

The multi-touch point in Android changes with terminals, respectively.
The multi-touch point which can detect also in iPhone7 in the case of iPhone is to five points (as of December, 2016.)
Accordingly, in iPhone, you can play only the V-STYLE.
Since iPad can detect the touch of six or more points, you can play both Emsign STYLE and V-STYLE.

* Please keep in mind that suspending data is deleted when changing STYLE.
Although the best score data of both Emsign STYLE and V-STYLE is held in a terminal, storage of an entry name is only one.

Emsign STYLE
Example of a Emsign STYLE Posture
Example of a V-STYLE Posture
A View of V-STYLE

Use Charged Shot For a Hard Mob and Boss! Fire a Wave Motion U.I. Cannon!!

A part of mobs have strong physical strength(hardness) that it cannot beat back by rapid fire of a U.I. Cannon. Moreover, with the normal U.I. Cannon, You cannot give a stage boss a damage primarily.

Detach after pressing down the button of a U.I. Cannon for a while in such a case. Then, you can shoot the U.I. Cannon in which power is higher than normal. This is what is generally called "Charged Shot", i.e., a "Wave Motion U.I. Cannon". The power of a Wave Motion U.I. Cannon is proportional to the length of time to charge.

The Wave Motion U.I. Cannon is very powerful. However, it also has some weak points. After beginning a charging before a Wave Motion U.I. Cannon is in the state which can be discharged, slightly defenseless time exists. Moreover, It doesn't receive the act itself to charge between the moments immediately after wave motion U.I. Cannon fire.

Since the status tip showing the present charging state is always displayed on the fire button side, let's always heed a charging situation.

In iPhone, although it is not clear in whether it is the result of the technical specification of hardware, if a six or more place simultaneous is touched, charging will be canceled.
For that reason, play carefully(The problem does not occur in iPad.)


The Weapon Which Combines an Attack and Protection, It Is a U.I. Shield!

Even if you use the mighty Wave Motion U.I. Cannon, it's difficult as the fact to defend all from a Gropian's fierce attack.

If it is right, how should you defend from their threat? Actually, you already know the answer.
It is "Charging."

We assume that the mob has reached to our space patrol craft.
However, if which porthole state is "charging", the barrier will be spreaded immediately. The mobs who faced the barrier will disappear instantly.
This barrier is just a U.I. Shield that is another side which a U.I. Cannon has!


Thus, It can say that is on Wave Motion U.I. Cannon stand by state = U.I. Shield stand by state.

The U.I. shield is exceedingly strong. However, it is technology on which it concentrate all the U.I. Energies under charge for purification protection from Gropian's assault.
A Charging of all the portholes will be canceled after U.I. Shield motion.
Be careful of the frailty and utilize effectively.

Moreover, When a U.I. Shield is directly exercised from the porthole which reached the mob, the mob is purified on a soul level.
We're calling this phenomenon the "Reformation." And bonus point is added according as the number of purified Gropians at the time of stage conquest.

Mastery of the Wave Motion U.I. Cannon and the U.I. Shield holds the key to this game conquest.


Player Characters

The player characters who play an active part in beginner mode!
  • Endo

    Endo was playing an active part as a No. 1 go-getter front line commander at the NSRS company. But, Endo was the target of retaliation from the Gropian consequently, and Endo was called with a groping criminal's infamy by their vicious plot, and has fallen from power. His wife also went away together with three children owing to that. Although drunken days continued by the shock for a long time, he takes action as an ogre of revenge at last to annihilate the Gropians.
    He was very popular also among the female employees in NSRS in spite of wife having a child from the smart behavior once.
    His hobbies are Sake tasting and watching Sumo games.

  • Anzai

    Although the ability which Anzai originally has is high, he always suffers a disadvantage for the weak personality. As a result, he was spending these days when achievements are not quite satisfactory, either. However, Endo was perceiving and evaluating the nature and he also trusted Endo very much. But now, by Endo's downfall, the trust is also uncertain.
    His hobby is coterie magazine collection.


A boss different, will exist in each stage! I introduce those who are ascertained by the internal document of NSRS Corp. in them now.

    He always makes snort! In Emsign mode, since he is unexpectedly strong, take care!!

  • Great Finger

    He is contrary to stern appearance and is a dexterous and delicate guy. He can perform groping easily, even if there is only a chink between one finger.
    In a battle, he shows splendid agility.
    Furthermore, when he becomes more earnest, he is a troublesome enemy who is going to use a reflector and a summoning guarders abundantly and is going to harden defense.

  • Hyper Vacumer

    In process of the evolve, his trunk (or mouth?) got longer for more efficient and higher-quality groping in the packed train.
    Although his individual brilliance is not like it, he is fairly strong in order to call Sawawa in large quantities.

  • Dreamy Massager

    In a space massage contest, there was a person who got the title of the "dreamy massager" which is the top in a flash by the overwhelming maneuvering before.
    However, the person was later arrested on suspicion of groping.
    The result of the trial was guilt although the principal did not plead guilty to the criminal charge stubbornly.
    The news of his after that is unknown.

  • The Master Streaker

    Abnormality of the selection which also has an exposure peculiarity in addition to groping.
    His skin is sheeny!
    His fighting power is not so high!

  • NulLalaN

    It has policy to aim at a lot of targets at a stroke using many tentacles. It is also the leader of Nyullns so that the appearance may also show. It is quick, and It employs a lot of Nupongs also in addition to Nyullns in a battle. Therefore, you should care at an unguarded moment.

  • Big Scoop

    He likes rather photographing and appreciating the spot rather than groping. Since he has such a special disposition, he is a photographer who is conspicuous in the Gropians of an abnormality group.
    Moreover, he invents a groping false charge using the taken photograph, and is said to live by the profits.
    He will use unforeseen variegated skill.
    Probably, you will be better to beat back within the first half, if it can do.

  • Flying Lingerie

    He is a prominent war hawk in the Gropians. He has the hobby of bringing pants home as a prize of war.

  • Wise Man

    A man of wisdom top at the Gropians.
    Although he has one of the highest brains also in outer space, the genius is used only for a groping.
    There is little of his physical stamina and he has the skill of defensive many.
    It will be troublesome if it becomes earnest in the second half at him.

  • Maid Aki-Chan

    She is an intelligence agent sent from the star of the Obscene Dwarf GROPIA.
    Usually, she is indistinguishable from an earth people as a temporary employee, and is living.
    However, she adjusted herself to the life too much, and in recent years, she tends to forget an essential mission just because she becomes absorbed in making a coterie magazine.

  • Dazzling Angel

    It is groping's evangelist celebrated as "the messenger of the Gropian God."
    "If you embrace to the Gropian God, you will be saved."
    It tempts those who have despaired under the groping false charge.
    The shape is reflected in people who had despaired like very dazzling honorable thing.

  • Assemblyman IWAMORI

    He is a person who is at the top of the agents sent from the star of the Obscene Dwarf GROPIA.
    Mr. Iwamori who put up the politics which flatters a multitude and won the Tokyo assemblyman is regarded as being him and the same person.
    However, the authority cannot catch the conclusive evidence and it has not arrested him yet. Continue not to neglect a watch.


    A agitator of Gropian. She is absorbed in the educational campaign of groping. Take care not to be brainwashed!!

  • After Five

    He is known for acting as groping only within a going-home rushes time zone, and says that he works seriously as an office worker usually.
    He is also one of a few users of "Accelerator" who is the special arts which gathers the movement speed of a mob for a definite period of time.
    "From now on, my stage will start!"

  • Marquis OMATSU

    He is an aristocrat of the Gropian who has disguised himself as a woman.
    The degree of truth isn't certain although it is said that the reason is for raising groping's success rate.
    You will not experience a hard fight, if you take care even about healing which He uses very rarely in a serious mode.

  • Purity Mouth

    Although It has lovely appearance apparently, contrary to it, It is vicious and the wording is also very vulgar!!

  • Sexy Ninja

    He has the highest agility and groping technique in the Gropians. However, bearing is a quiet abnormality gentleman. It is said that his skill is a high level which does not even suspect touched.


Mobs crowd boundlessly toward our space patrol craft! When mobs arrive at a space patrol craft, It's a GAME OVER!!
  • Nyulln

    Standard mob. We'll be able to beat him out with one normal U.I. Cannon blow!

  • Nyululln

    His movement speed is slightly slower than Nyulln. However, in order to beat him, it is necessary to strike the normal U.I. Cannon of 2-3 shots. It's better to sweep away with a Wave Motion U.I. Cannon!

  • Chubabba

    He is tough. Probably, You would not be able to beat, if only a normal U.I. Cannon is used. Annihilate them using a Wave Motion U.I. Cannon!

  • Nupong

    He flies rather than other guys at high speed. However, since his toughness is the same as Nyulln, You will be able to beat back with one normal U.I. Cannon blow!

  • Sawawa

    He's very tough! However, since his movement is slow, Strike a Wave Motion U.I. Cannon calmly.

  • Gachmotti

    You cannot beat him off using a U.I. Cannon.
    Reform him!!

Questions and Answers - Hey Anzai, Explain For Me! -

A very well-built fellow goes here! A wave motion U.I. Cannon isn't effective and can't defend by a U.I. Shield, either!!

Probably, that fellow is an enemy called "Gachmotti."
We cannot beat back Gachmotti with the Wave Motion U.I. Cannon (even if it's a case of a normal U.I. Cannon, of course).
The only way of beating back this is reformation. Fortunately, If he's contained in the group for a reformation even if it doesn't make him reform directly, We can make him reform himself together.

Moreover, He doesn't attack simultaneously with the person of family of the same kind. That is, since there is never situation "Two Gachmotties pounce upon us simultaneously!", feel easy there.

Why even though movement of a mob sees occasionally the moment of stopping for a moment?

When a mob is damaged, He flinches from for a moment. Time to flinch from is proportional to the time which was being charging.

In addition, also although I said that the Wave Motion U.I. Cannon cannot give a damage to Gachmotti. But, It is possible to make him flinch from.

A boss has attacked us with the energy ball! Did a boss never only continue standing?

A boss becomes earnest and attacks by various means case of a stage exists.In that case, It is displayed as "WARNING" at the time of a stage start.
The example in the energy ball attack of the type called the "Sphere of Broken Commandment" had been often observed. In the case of this S.B.C., it's possible to protect, if two or more U.I. Shields of the side to which the energy ball is going are spread simultaneously.
A report is going to go up gradually also about other special attacks after this.

When starting such an attack, "CAUTIONS!" or alert tips, such as "DANGER!!", are displayed on the porthole side used as a target.

In the case of beginner mode, the stage where a boss becomes earnest is fixed.
Therefore, it's good to practice at first repeatedly in the beginner mode.
Even if we were beaten, It may be able to analyze a cause of defeat by my hand.

The formation with which the overly hard mobs are mixed has attacked two or more places to the almost same timing!
I will not be able to defend such an attack at all!

To be sure, it is well known that a reservoir will be canceled after U.I. Shield starting. It tends to be imagined that We cannot defend if attacked simultaneously sometimes.
However, if it restricts to the case which spread the U.I. Shield accompanied by a reformation, while the effect has occurred, actually application of an input of a U.I. Shield still remains.

I describe it in a case of a battle.
What is necessary will be to accumulate the porthole of those parts honestly and just to prepare a shield, when neared almost simultaneous at two or more places.

If it succeeded in protection, the effect greenish as the proof is going to newly occur following the standard effect of the orange of a reformation U.I. Shield.

Since this sequence shield motion phenomenon happens under considerably dangerous conditions in almost all cases, a benefit for a dangerous working(Bonus Point) is immediately provided by the NSRS.

Although it becomes a digression, in the NSRS, We are calling this case "Taika-no-kaishin(means The reformation in great suffering)."
At the "Taika-no-kaishin", an ultra big purification energy force place occurs. It influences even a boss. Although it is a very rare case, it is made not impossible to also make a boss reform oneself by this. In our company, We have also defined this phenomenon as "Kenmu-no-shinsei(means Glorious Reformation)". It is said that a more special bonus is paid at the time of the achievement. However, probably, You will be very difficult to perform it intentionally.

I'm beginning to hold tips.
But I wanna go to a restroom just now!

Oh, Restroom!
Then, please tap the middle of the screen (place in which a boss is present). a pause is going to start.

But since all chargings will be canceled when paused, be careful of it!

Although it went till the good place, I got tired today. Can I stop temporarily?

You wish to break, right? Of course, it is possible!

If the tap of the middle of the screen (place in which a boss is present) is carried out, a pause is going to start. And since a system will confirm "QUIT" or "CONTINUE" to you , If you want to quit, please carry out the tap of "YES" and choose it. If you tap "RESUME GAME" on a title screen at next time, You'll be able to resume with the score of point of time at the start of the suspended stage.

However, suspension and resumption are continuously unrepeatable in the same stage. In other words, resumption is a limitation once per one stage.
Please keep the point in your mind.

Why is it that the screen is located not on a center but on left-hand side?

The case which cannot undisplayed the navigation bar in which the Home button etc. are located depending on the version of OS of Android exists. In that case, in order to make it not touch these accidentally during a play, It's displayed in the condition of having dared to have shifted to the left side.

Holy shit! Much Gachmotties appeared!
You had said that there was no case where some Gachmotties assaults simultaneously to us, don't you!?

Please settle down. They are staying around the boss, aren't you?
The Gachmotties are the guard which the boss who became earnest summoned using the way of the "Summon Guarder."
Since they continue standing as a wall, they will not come here. And if it is neglected, they will disappear automatically someday.
Moreover, the Sawawas may be summoned instead of Gachmotti by this "Summon Guarder." Although they similarly stay there, Sawawa doesn't disappear automatically.

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