Protect Yourself from a Groping False Charge with Playing a Game!

Sep. 20, 2016


  • The app added the play style for 5 fingers.
    Although a multi-touch checker is performed at the first time, when it detects to 5 points as a result, this app is automatically set as V-STYLE (Victory-STYLE.)
    In the case of the terminal in which a six or more point touch is possible, a "VICTORY STYLE " changeover switch is displayed by the option screen.
    It is possible to change and play Emsign STYLE which is a play style in V-STYLE and the traditional 6 fingers.*
    When set to V-STYLE, the logo of big "V" is displayed on a title screen.
    The V-STYLE is the mode adjusted to only the play in 5 fingers.
    Also the ranking system only for V-STYLE is prepared.

    Screem of the V-STYLE

    * Please keep in mind that suspending data is deleted when changing STYLE.
    Although the best score data of both Emsign STYLE and V-STYLE is held in a terminal, storage of an entry name is only one.

  • Game balance was adjusted.
  • In addition, We performed some bug-fixes.